Any tips to get rid of bar flies?

Certain parts of behind our bar are really hard to get to to clean on a regular basis and was wondering if anyone had any tips to stop those little annoying flies?

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  1. When closing, cover sink drains with a rocks glass recap your booze and throw the fruit out or store it in your beer fridge. Also during service keep the fruit covered!

  2. They thrive in drains. In addition to covering the drain, splash a bit of bleach in each drain. If you want an A+ do the same on the broken connections under the ice bins and cover (gonna need to empty the ice completely or get a water mess). Pull the soda guns if you have the, behind the bar. Soak in soda water and flush the cups with diluted bleach water. Even better if you can remove them and soak too. One step further — if you really want a deep cleanse – grab kitchen Saran Wrap and pull off arms lengths and put over open pour spouts on your booze (especially the browns). Pull your bar mats and wash them, sweep and scrub the floors (again, bleach water). A good deep clean and the bar is fresh and the flies are gone.

  3. Clean your drains Every night. Cover all alcohol bottles with tops. If you have draft beer, cover the taps with plastic wrap. Cover all open wine. Wipe the counters. Do all this at the end of the night.

  4. Roto Rooter has a product called Sugar Residue Digestant. Someone had some at home (I am not sure if it’s available for retail) and it ate away the sugars and starches in the drains, which is their home base. And, like everyone else said, bleach the world and cover it with plastic wrap.

    Also…If you can get your hands on a steam cleaner, DO IT.

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