Anybody know a life hack for this crap?

Anybody know a life hack for this crap?

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  1. an iron.

    If you can’t be bothered (as I probably wouldn’t), you could try wetting the bottom so it’s a little heavier and then let it dry in the folded-down position (optionally while wearing it).

  2. That looks like what happens if you run the shirt in a dryer.

    Maybe try drying it halfway and then hanging it for the last bit?

    What if you don’t put it in the dryer at all and just let it hang dry?

  3. Heat up a pan on the stove.

    Place the shirt on a piece of board.

    Press the heated pan on the shirt for a few seconds at a time until the wrinkle is straight.

    Repeat steps if necessary.

    *note: you could use a pot if a pan is not available.

  4. I see a lot of ideas on here…but – when the clothes are nice and warm from the dryer, give them a quick flick, snap, shake out before hanging them on a hanger. It will release the tension in the shirt and after hanging the fabric can relax and it doesn’t present a problem.

    The challenge here is that you have to hang them up….

  5. What is it with people just not wanting to iron. It’s not hard. It make you look smarter and neater. It’s not overly expensive. Just please stop being lazy and iron your goddamn clothes, people

  6. Spray starch (google it if you don’t know what it is. literally $2 a can any grocery store or dept store). Spray it on then iron. I just did this a few days ago to shirts like this and they all flattened out.

    edit: this is the can i bought a couple weeks ago, it just works. No ironing with a heavy object or whatever, just spray that shit on the fold and iron and it’s done, just 10 seconds of ironing.

  7. When I was my son’s (overpriced) tees, I GENTLY stretch around the hem, where you see it sort of puckering along the edge. I do this before I dry them and when I take them out of the dryer, while they’re still warm. I think maybe the thread on some tees shrinks more easily than the fabric itself and you have to gently stretch it to “match”.

  8. The reason this happens is because the shirts shrinks when you wash it, but shrinks less around thick seams like that. It’s also the reason the zipper area on your jeans stands up; the zipper doesn’t shrink.

    This is why I don’t wash my clothes.

  9. I’m gonna assume you are looking for a solution other than ironing, because who want to iron a damn t shirt. Something I do is give it a really good shake (or like snap short of) to get that part to lie flat. If that doesn’t correct it I’ll fix it by hand, and then fold it flat while it’s still warm from the dryer. Works pretty well.

  10. Put between 2 slices of bread.

    Nah just joking. I was going to say iron or hair straightener but the top 2 comments already covered those.

    Try the bread though, could be tasty

  11. Really though it’s all about folding it properly for storage. I used to work at a clothing shop and the fold we always did for display first puts the outer thirds (sleeves and shoulders) to the middle horizontally (folding the lower edge twice, this is the point you make sure it’s not folded onto itself as shown in your picture). Then, fold into thirds vertically so you are left looking at the neck hole of the shirt in a nice neat square. The edge that gets all wonky is folded right and store flat so when you take it out this almost never happens. Even hanging all my tee shirts didn’t work as well.

  12. I have a little spray bottle with water in it. I just heavily mist the hem of the shirt, fold it flat with my fingers, and if there is time, hang it up to dry. If there isn’t time, I just put it on and go.

    You can also get rid of most wrinkles in cotton clothing by spraying with water and flattening the wrinkles out with your hands.

  13. Try soaking it in straight up white vinegar for a couple of hours before you wash it next time. Vinegar works as a fabric softener, and hopefully will that will soften the fibers enough take that crease out. Then you’ll probably want to air dry it next time you wash it, and possibly iron the hem after it has dried. That *may* fix it.

  14. Best way is to get the shirts right after the dryer ends and simply smooth out that bottom part to make it sit properly as you fold it. If you do it while the shirt is still warm it will hold in the correct way after being folded and stacked with others.

    This takes no additional time and only slightly more effort than usual. A stack of warm shirts folded neatly basically iron themselves.

  15. Find a girl type person who will let you use her hair straightener- a heated device like the opposite of a curling wand. They are also cheap enough at places like Walmart and Target. Those are very useful for rolled seams and collars and plackets (the strip of fabric where the buttons are on a button front shirt). A damp, clean washcloth and a hair straightener can make you look real good with little effort, and no ironing board.

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