attn marker lovers!! a big how-to

you love markers?? if you clicked on this, probably.

okay, this applies to water (crayola, pentel, etc) and alcohol (sharpie, copic) markers. ever noticed how they’re always so insanely oversaturated? that’s cause there’s loads and loads of dye in there, waiting to be harvested, mixed, and used.

you will need:

– markers.
– pliers to pull off end caps
– isopropyl alcohol. 70% works just fine.
– soft plastic pipette. rubber is ruined by alcohol, so i don’t reccommend a rubber dropper.
– minimum twice as many small liquid containers as there are markers. i rec liquor shooters with plastic caps, and 6ml vials if you can get them. 1oz nalgene bottles are also good.
– you should really also get some big coffee cans to store the bottles in.

– for water markers, they’re easily infected as germs love to eat the ink. for these prepare something like 25% isopropyl 75% water.
– you also might want to get a small little container to set your marker in for refilling.

– SHARPIE BLACK INK IS VERY TROUBLESOME. be warned. it’s best to not mix it. there’s a heavy solid black component that comes out and sinks to the bottom of the container and it’s a real pain in the ass. it’ll also try to ruin things it comes into contact with. the lighter, regular black dye is pretty normal-acting. but it’s still best to not mix it. i strongly reccommend putting this in a small glass widemouth bottle and use a funnel and coffee filter when pouring it into another container.

okay, so

say you’re gonna get the ink out of some crayola markers and you got a big bottle of 3/4 water and 1/4 isop. set up your empty little bottles, set up a container with some paper towels at the bottom, and use the pliers to pull off the end cap of the first (probably yellow) marker. drop out its foam ink reservoir, hold it in the neck of the ink bottle, and start dripping liquid through it. once all the dye has been flushed out of the foamy cylinder, squeeze out the rest and put it in the can with the paper towels. it’ll take 2 days to dry out. maybe run some liquid through the barrel of the marker with the tip to get some more dye out.

do that with all the other colors. i recommend doing yellow first and black last. probably put the collected ink away. all the flushed cylinders should be hanging out together in the can. change the paper towel to dry them out faster.

get out the second set of empty ink bottles. label them. i personally like washy pale colors, so i use 1 dye to 3 clears for the most part. you do what you want. prepare the ink how you want, and also store those away in a coffee tin. keep a little vial handy or something.

after the ink cylinders dry out, dunk them in the prepared ink to charge them up. shake up the ink before you do this or something. let the cylinders nice and saturated, shove them back into the markers, and congration, now you have markers that’ll work very well!

now for sharpies. same thing pretty much, but definitely do this in a ventilated area. sharpies have things you really shouldn’t sniff.

also for sharpies, another thing – i like having a lot of nib to work with, and if the cylinder and point aren’t connected (happens often), the marker just isn’t going to work. so you grab the colored section of the sharpie, with the cap on, and the gray barrel and gently but firmly bend it and force it apart. get the cylinder out of the body and use isopropyl to flush out the ink. also use an unsharpened pencil to shove the point out of the section.

store the ink and wait for the cylinders to dry out.

when they’re ready, do what you did for the crayolas – load up the cylinders and then – put a paper towel on your hand and force the cylinder into the section. be gentle, you don’t want to have a messy accident. force it in there good, then grip the point and force it down as deep as you want. make sure the point and cylinder are good and connected. make sure they stay that way, don’t change the point after this.

fun note!! you can get a bunch of copic chisel tip points and use them instead of the regular sharpie points. it’s an awkward fit, though.

your hands will get very colorful, but congration to you, you got some good markers now!

some good colors to make:

green blue violet (gbv) – denim
orange violet (ov) – lively brown (very good brown)
3 yellow 1 violet (yyyv) – lively beige
red orange violet (rov) – interesting red color
2 red 1 green (rrg) – dimmer reddish color
yellow orange green (yog) – gold
orange blue (ob) – gray
red green (rg) – gray
green violet (gv) – blueish gray
yellow violet (yv) – gray
green orange (go) – dark gold

and so on. make a bunch of useful blends, go nuts!

edit: some marker parts and inks

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