Author: Bob the Builder

Pants too long, Shoes too Short

I bought a pair of shoes with a very thin sole, and my pants were too long. Instead of destroying the cuff by walking on it all day I used a [binder clip on the hem]( until I can get the pants hemmed. I walk around on a concrete floor all day, there was no way the cuff would have survived. Notice I pulled the silver clip part off on the outside so people wouldn’t notice as easily. Yes, I wear short socks with my professional attire; I hate socks touching my legs. View Reddit by NeverDidLearn – View...

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Use an EZ-Up As A Temporary/Portable Paint Booth or Dust Room

[Example]( While working on a project I’m going to soon post to r/diy, I was looking for a way to keep paint overspray off of my garage and/or my neighbors. I then realized that I have an extra EZ-Up that’s not being used. Mine happens to have canvas walls, however, I found [this forum post]( that showed a great way to use 6mil plastic for walls and a box fan + filter for ventilation. This would also be super handy for wood work – keeping sawdust contained! Don’t forget to use a respirator and eye protection when you paint!!...

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