Check out my new YouTube channel on stocks

Just made a YouTube channel it is straight business, to the point, and no BS. Tomorrow I’m uploading a video with just 458$ a month you can invest and become a millionaire in no time. Check it out and help support. We will be talking about investing in the stock market, investing in real estate, retiring as quick as possible and being comfortable, and so much more. Everything dealing with finances will be right here!!!

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  1. Can i give you some feedback?

    * it’s too quiet. Project your voice more. Also, use an audio compressor.
    * you look and sound like you’re falling asleep which makes this very, very boring and hard to listen to. You have to ENGAGE your audience. You have to make it exciting and interesting to stop them from clicking away. We have short attention spans!
    * Also, the first 20 seconds are the most important. Don’t waste them on stuff that doesn’t give people what they want!
    * Don’t call my mom a hoe
    * what is this aspect ratio? it’s not quite vertical video but it’s bad. Come on man, 16:9 if you want your video to look good.
    * good title
    * thumbnail is good that it has text, but the tortoise? not sure that attracts people looking for success.

    keep going and good luck.

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