I am 15 years old and I have been saving my money for a while. I have around $1,200 saved up. My parents are willing to help me with buying stocks. So, I would buy the stocks under my parent’s name, most likely my Mom because my Mom studied finance in university, so she knows quite a bit about investing and the stock market. Also, she gave me her investment book from university, so I have been reading a little bit of that, mostly the stock market part of the textbook. I have been thinking about Costco stock. I know I have to diversify my money, so I am only going to spend about half of my $1,200 and I will keep the rest of my money in my savings account. So, I would like to buy 4 shares of Costco share. One share of Costco last traded for $170.62. So I would invest $682.48 into Costco. Some reasons I would invest in Costco, Costco’s revenue has been increasing, and another reason is that Costco is headquartered near me, so they have their annual shareholder meeting near me! So it would be cool to go there. So I was just wondering if you guys think it would be a good start to just try to see how it is like to have a couple of shares of a company?
Thank you!

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