Does Anybody Use The Rise-Retrace Swing Trading Pattern?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on swing trading patterns and came across the rise-retrace pattern. Does anyone have experience trading this pattern? If so, has it been successful for you? I’m looking at trading CETX and CBAY this week using this strategy.

Here’s Thomas Bulkowski’s explanation of it…

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  1. How do you propose on entering these trades? How do you plan on managing the trade?

    from my perspective CETX looks interesting… however if you use the 5% stop as suggested in the link, you may get stopped out quickly… see the average %move that is has been making

    CBAY looks like trash to me

  2. I would be very careful trading nanocaps as they are basically penny stocks that have low volume and can be easily price manipulated. This could happen based on recent news, or even something as little as a popular twitter post; both of which erode technical analysis. Bulkowski himself seems to prefer small and mid cap stocks which are companies over 10 times this size.

    Additionally, I don’t know what your ideal holding period is, but the weekly charts for both these symbols is super ugly. Good luck, and always keep reading.

  3. >If losses are included (which the prior two items did not), the average rise is 9.3% (a loss occurs when price drops 5% or more below the buy price).

    Just invest in S&P mate and don’t waste your time and money on comissions

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