Dusk at Durdle Door in Dorset – Delightful! [OC] [1600×1000]

Dusk at Durdle Door in Dorset – Delightful! [OC] [1600×1000]

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  1. Beautiful. 10ish miles from my hometown, Swanage. Grew up in and around this coastline, many happy summers as a boy swimming in the beautiful waters and exploring the rocks and cliffs. Magical.

  2. AYY, DORSET! I live there! Went to school with some dozy bimbo who thought durdle door was created by a fucking torpedo. Dorset: We got sights, but we ain’t got smarts.

  3. Love it there… last time I was there, it was busy, but the loudest noise was still birdsong. Spent a while with my dad telling me which birds made which noises – didn’t even know that he knew about birdsong. Thanks for taking me back to a lovely day.

  4. I live not too far from here in Lyme Regis. I’ve lived in Dorset most of my life get I’ve never been there. I was talking about it to friends just yesterday. Apparently, it’s going to collapse into the sea within a few years.

  5. When I was about 18 myself and two friends took a batch of hash cookies to Durdle Door and I fell asleep in the sun in my sleeping bag on that beach to the gentle sound of the waves. I’m 35 now and I’d do it all over again if I thought I’d get away with it. Pure bliss.

  6. Really great image! (excellent compositing technique). I shot a Milky Way timelapse from almost the same spot a couple of weeks ago (sooo nice get out of london 🙂

  7. Second time my hometown has made it onto the front page!!!

    If you ever have the chance to visit Dorset you should. It’s a beautiful place, the entirety of the Jurassic Coast has hundreds of magnificent features like Durdle Door, definitely worth the trip.

    I used to Kayak along underneath this arch in summer and through to nearby Lulworth Cove where many classic stories are based upon.

    100% worth a visit.
    Miss it more than anything.

  8. Here’s my Durdle Door story:

    > Be me, 17ish years old
    > Go to Weymouth on holiday with family
    > Decide to go to Durdle Door
    > Decide that the hill, where OPs photo was taken was a good idea for a picnic
    > Have sandwiches
    > Brother gets stung by something
    > Dad gets stung by something
    > I get stung by something
    > MFW we sat on a hornets nest

  9. Holy shit, I drew a sketch and the landscape looked almost exactly as if it were expired by that

    I’ve never even seen this place before, it’s beautiful

  10. I went to Lulworth Cove last year but I wore horrible shoes so we didn’t get the chance to walk over to Durdle Door… I still regret it so much!
    Hopefully I can go back in 3 weeks.

  11. I have nothing but disdain for this place. When I was 9 my school had an optional trip here in the holidays for a week. It was billed as a fun week in a cool location, but what wasn’t advertised was half the day we had to do school work and type up a report about the place each evening. That’s not how a 9 year old wants to be spending their holidays :|.

  12. Spent a lot of time in Cerne Abbas–still one of my favorite parts of the world. It even smells different there.

    edit to add this:
    Shall the tide thus ebb and flow for ever?
    and for evermore
    Rave the wave and glance the ripple through the
    rocks at Durdle Door?

  13. My husband took almost the same picture in the 60’s and was on the cover of a Dorset magazine. We left Upwey for Australia 1970 and the only time I feel a little regret is when I see great pictures of “home”

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