Foggy Car Windows

Does anyone know of a cheap way to keep car windows from fogging up? Dont wanna buy cat litter

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  1. You can try rice in a sock.
    But the main thing is reducing the moisture in the car.
    Its probably an older car so replace the rubber seals? Bit if you can’t be arsed to buy cat litter I guess actual maintenance to fix the issue is off the cards.

    Lots of cheap kitchen roll and throw it out the car, don’t leave it in.

  2. Windows fog up because warm moist air (inside the car) comes into contact with the cold windshield causing the moisture to condense on the glass.

    The solution is to run your defroster (the vents at the base of the windshield) plus air-conditioning. The AC removes moisture from the air. Warm dry air will dry the condensation off the inside of the windshield.

  3. Does anyone know how to get rid of the weird waxy haze that builds up on the outside of the windscreen and becomes visible on cold and rainy days? I believe it’s origin is wax or additives that some washing stations add to their mix.

  4. Empty your floormats of snow and water each time you park. That fog on your windows is from moisture in the vehicle. When driving, avoid using the recirculated air, using fresh air intake instead.

  5. I kept a shower squeegee (the small ones from the dollar store) in my backseat. One quick swipe and I was good to go. If I had friends riding with me I’d have the passenger squeegee for me lol.

  6. Get your glass really, really clean.

    One of the causes of fogging is indeed moisture in the car but it’s actually the moisture being trapped by oils and residue on the glass that causes fogging.

    Don’t use cleaning products because residue of some products causes fogging also.
    Just use a small amount of water and paper towels, or ideally a clean micro cloth.

    Get that residue off the glass and you’ll get no more fogging.

  7. I just saw this on TV. If your defroster sucks or if your AC doesnt work…fill a sock with silicon-based kitty litter and leave it in the car. It will absorb all moisture and your windows will never fog up.

  8. You may have a heater core leak.

    two. clean your windshield interior.

    check for wet carpet

    use A/C in the winter.

    don’t leave car in RECIRC when off, or driving. (except to avoid a horrible smell or preventable smoke)

  9. Toothpaste… I know, hear me out. Take toothpaste and apply a layer, then buff it out with a clean, dry cloth. Try this on your bathroom mirror to test it out. Saw this on a YouTube video and have been doing it ever since.

  10. Ignore all the “You don’t have to warm up your engine” nonsense and warm up your engine so that your defroster can actually do its job. Turn it on, blowing hot air, and you’ll have no problems.

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