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Hello, I was wondering how people trade so frequently things like penny stocks if most have 5-10$ commissions! I’ve looked into RobinHood a bit but are there any other services that allow you to trade free and whenever you want?

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  1. Traders who trade a lot negotiate rates sorta like companies who buy product in bulk get cheaper prices.

    Robinhood is the only one I know of that is free but if you trade a lot and have a high enough balance you can name your price.

    To be able to trade as often as you want (e.g. every day) you need to have minimum $25k legally in the US. Google the FINRA pattern day trading rule for more info on that.

  2. IMO, commission is a *good* thing because it prevents me from making stupid decisions in-the-moment. If you’re trading that often, you’re doing something wrong.

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