I’m a freshman and economics major at Harvard University who hails from a suburb on Long Island about an hour’s drive away from New York City.

I am looking for a summer learning experience (be it an unofficial internship or shadowing) in any topic in a field related broadly to investment and finance.

I would imagine that this sub receives many of these requests already, but if you are offering any summer work opportunities (or know where to point me), where I could learn more about the work you do towards making professional financial decisions, I would be immensely grateful.

In terms of what I can offer your firm, I will be completely honest. I have no professional experience in industry, but I have learned the basics of investment research (basic modeling, key qualitative factors, financial statements, fundamental analysis, DCF, and company pitches). I am also a relentlessly hard worker, have some research experience under my belt, and would be willing to work for free or perform office related tasks and jobs in order to keep my place.

I can send my CV upon request.

Please let me know if you have any questions related to me, or my qualifications. Thanks for reading.

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