Gazing above a massive waterfall in Innerdalen, Norway [OC] [1500×1285]

Gazing above a massive waterfall in Innerdalen, Norway [OC] [1500×1285]

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  1. Info about the shot:

    Taken in Innerdalen, a bad ass valley somewhere in the middle of Norway. You see the valley itself here, below the waterfall. It is very scenic and there are some fantastic mountains also behind me in this shot. Innerdalen is really epic, but not as popular as Lofoten for example, because it is more difficult to access and find, especially if you come from abroad. To get there I drove for 3 hours, took a 12 minute (!) ferry trip, and climbed a well walked path for two hours to reach the lake that connects to the waterfall.

    This shot is actually many vertical photos combined into a panorama. Did this to cover the range and magnitude of the landscape. Taken with a Canon camera, tripod and wide angle lens.

    The water was fresh, cold and tasted really good. Some people were camping around here, I saw maybe three tents. I would like to try that myself sometime.

    Just ask if you have any questions about the location or the photograph. If interested in more, feel free to check out my [instagram]( or for bigger pictures and some texts, my [homepage](

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