Havasu Falls upstream gets most of the attention but I liked Mooney Falls even better. In the Grand Canyon, Arizona [OC][3000×1987]

Havasu Falls upstream gets most of the attention but I liked Mooney Falls even better. In the Grand Canyon, Arizona [OC][3000×1987]

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  1. I hiked here in July 2016 as a day hike, I left the hilltop at around 2am, got to Havasu Falls around 6:00am, and got to Mooney around 8am. To the right in this image is a hole through the rock through which the trail continues and takes you down to the falls base. The water is really that color because of the high content of calcium.

    I’m based in Boston but travel all over the US: my [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/mattmacphersonphoto/) | my [500px]

  2. Looooove this hike. Mooney falls was by far my favorite fall as well. Pretty crazy story involving this waterfall from when I was there also. I was there 5 years ago with my scout troop, another troop from Las Vegas was there as well and a scout leader from this troop was swimming in one of the pools above the fall, got swept into a underwater current and got spit out over the edge of this monster fall.. It was quite an emotional trip for everyone down in the basin, as youd probably guess he didnt survive it. craziest thing was it happened less than an hour after we had just hiked down to this fall and back up to the camp sites :/ always be careful around big falls! Never know what could happen.

  3. Aww man! On a whim, I called for a campsite this summer and unbelievably got through and they had a site available for the dates I wanted. I didn’t expect that so really didn’t make good plans with the family so i quickly ran it by them… The pussies opted to pass on the hike. What a fucking mistake. I’ll go back without them some time. I gotta see this oasis with my own eyes!

  4. So hard to get reservations anymore. Instagram and the ‘Net has really overexposed this place. I’m glad they changed some of the procedures for reservations, requiring a down payment and all. Their system is still pretty rudimentary and archaic. Earlier, there were people profiting off of booking huge portions of campsites and then booking their own “tours”.

  5. I’ve been here. Gorgeous. Spent a few days hiking around. Some locals said we could find weed along the river, so we looked around. We didn’t find any but we found some amazing spots to be isolated and hang out at. Would 100% recommend going if you can handle the intense hike down.

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