How To Avoid Jet Lag

A week prior to your journey set your phone clock according to your destination and then do your daily chores according to that clock, when you reach your destination it’ll be like just another day.

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  1. This could work if you wouldn’t have to go to work every day.

    If it’s just 2-3 hours, could be a great trick. But if we’re talking about 10 hours difference… I don’t see how it will work out.

  2. This actually does work. I know this because every year, I get up at CET time to watch CCC live. I adjust my schedule about a week prior, (which is really inconvenient for my family, as it’s right before Christmas!) It takes some getting used to the first 3-4 days, but after that everything should be fine.

  3. I find staying awake until it’s bed time wherever I’ve gone helps me adjust to the local schedule almost immediately. I often have no choice, because I can’t sleep in chairs which means no plane or train naps.

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