How to get 18 days off work using only 9 days of holiday

How to get 18 days off work using only 9 days of holiday

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  1. This seems to be only relevant if you live in the UK.

    Not sure about other countries, but the US doesn’t have Good Friday, Easter Monday, Bank Holidays, or Boxing Day.

  2. And then watch your boss laugh whike denying your request. Vacation days aren’t a right to take any time, you can’t just game the system like that. Deciding to play the card thst way makes you an expendable employee since we can go 18 days without you, why do we need you at all?

  3. My employer charges me 40 hours of vacation if I take a week off, even if it is a short week because of holidays. I get paid both vacation pay and holiday pay, but this is what they’re trying to avoid.

  4. Step 1: quit job in US with equally liberal floating holiday policy that allows you to do this virtually any week of the year

    Step 2: find similar job in UK with higher cost of living

    Step 3: work hard for many years to get salary recalibrated

    Step 4: wait for calendar to align correctly again

    Step 5: go on holiday

  5. Try working in public accounting where you get 0 days off between now and July 4th.

    Granted we can take vacation, but no firm sponsored holidays during busy season.

  6. France : 5 weeks guaranteed paid vacation + 4 more weeks for the ones working in offices.

    Not counting state holiday etc… Roughly 5 or 6 extra days off

    So, overall, not so bad.

    (Of course, lawyers, shopkeepers, company managers etc are not entitled to these, they tend to be paid a bit more, though)

    Douce France…

    Edit: not sure why I get downvoted for saying something correct ?

  7. This is very useful for me, considering that the only days you get off by default in my store are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Those are the only days the store is closed, period.

  8. My coworker does this every year. Only uses vacation days on holiday weeks so he saves one vacation day every week. After 5 holidays he’s got a full extra vacation week saved. (yes he’s been there for ages which is why he has so much vacation to begin with)

  9. Guys, holiday pay is just like ei. You pay into it with every cheque. Its your money they just hold it. Thats why if you have a job that doesnt offer it, your cheques are like $18-$30 more.

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