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Background info on the chart: Green arrows with lines to the right are “earnings releases” which I call “key hidden levels”. The “volume profile” begins from the Presidential Election.

The red line near the bottom is the RgMov indicator (Range-Movement).

TREND: Determine the trend. The trend is when RgMov is hitting 44-bar highs or lows. RgMov is comparable to a running line showing how easy the market moves in either direction. RgMov is a running line of the market’s movements which push up through resistance or down through support. From a sentiment perspective, rising prices increases bullish sentiment for a market, obviously. People get bullish when resistance gets taken out each day.

I found it makes sense to let RgMov tell you the trend (44 bar high = uptrend or 44 bar low =downtrend ) and then on a lower time scale such as 11 bars, find entries against the trend to enter the market. Note the green box at the bottom of the CCI (11) oscillator at the bottom of the chart. The idea is to buy on the 11-day (1/4 of the time) time frame when CCI gets oversold at -100 and exit when +100. I also recommend buying a cross above a previous day high when the market is oversold. You can also exit any way you want: such as using trailing stops under a previous day low or under a 10 day moving average of the lows. There are many ways to exit and you can split your exit across a variety of methods.

The profits from doing this rack up over time. We just need to stay disciplined. We chase other methods when there are times when this isn’t making money. But if you learn it, apply it, and commit to it, over time you will see the light.
On АРРL chart:

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