Hi, I have £2000 to test the waters before dedicating more money, while still a beginner.(I know its not much) Looked into some companies and made a portfolio in who I want to invest in to spread the risk.

Here’s the 10 companies: https://simplywall.st/user/portfolio/82114?secretCode=NjI4MDMwMzk1NTgyOTkzMTY0MDYxMjU2MjU2MTAz

Same in PDF in case you can’t view on website: http://docdro.id/RMvKhJT

Before taking the plunge I wanted to double check with people who’ve got experience.

Q1: 10 companies too much to spread 2k over?

Q2: Some share prices are higher and can only afford 2 shares compared to 60 of another when splitting the pot equally, is this silly or still reasonable? – I know the fees for buying per stock is higher but its £8 per trade maximum I’m paying is ~ £4 per share on some of the expensive one too much?

Q3: Any problems you can see with the portfolio I’ve made?


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