I dont know why, but it’s so bad. My back is in constant pain. Any ideas on things I can do to fix this?


First step is going to be core strengthening. The stronger your core, the better your body can support your back without stress.

Next, start stretching your pectoral muscles, and strengthening the muscles in your back by the shoulder blades. To lengthen your pectoral muscles (these are the ones that connect from your chest to your shoulder) try door way stretches (google for a picture reference if you haven’t heard of them), or if you have access to a stretchy exercise band you can hold it in front of you with your palms facing your body and your thumbs pointing outward, elbows bent so that your arms create a “w” shape and pull the band outward while flexing the muscles by your shoulder blades.

Work on the butt. If your glutes aren’t strong, it can throw off your hips and gait and mess up your whole body. Try squats and butterfly stretches.

Overall I highly recommend yoga. Lots of the stretches emphasize posture and strengthen the necessary muscles as listed above. Plus it’s very relaxing! It’s been a huge help for me in improving my posture. Hope this wall of text is helpful to you!


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