If the dow jones goes up 3000 points in the next three years but then drops 3000 points in 2020, how is that bad??

Isn’t that just going back to where we are now, which is good? No gains no losses, but I bet people would act like the sky is falling if it dropped 3000 points in a short time

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  1. Anyone that buys anything in the next 3 years loses money. Also if you just hold the whole time and you’re in the same spot in 4 years as you are now, your money hasn’t been making you money (except for dividends), which is bad.

  2. If you got 3 million dollars for working for 3 years, and then in the 3 years that followed lost 1 million dollars a year, would your logic be oh it’s not a big deal, I’m not actually losing 1 million a year since I made 3 million the past three years? Erased gains are erased value. A loss is a loss. Your argument doesn’t really hold up.

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