Its alright to stand out in a crowd. The Enchantments, Washington [OC] [2275×2844]

Its alright to stand out in a crowd. The Enchantments, Washington [OC] [2275×2844]

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  1. Fun fact in a forest in Germany someone (probably hitler youth) planted these in a swastika shape that would be visible for a brief time in the fall from the air.

  2. I love going into the Cascades in Washington this time of year, before they get snowed in. It’s truly a magical place, so I can only imagine that The Enchantments are like stepping into a real magical forest. Like this is the place writers come for inspiration.

  3. Sure, when it’s a yellow tree in a crowd of green it’s beautiful and artistic. But when I piss yellow on the Christmas tree it’s obnoxious and distasteful.

    Enchant my ass,

  4. These trees suck when you have to work around them. Working in the woods where these things are everywhere. Any time you bump into them they shower you with tiny little needles that get everywhere inside you.

  5. Green tree here.

    I can guarantee that yellow leafed mother fucker doesn’t have any self esteem issues.

    Why are you propping up the most radiant, identifiable tree in the picture when there are hundreds of regular green motherfuckers like me in the background?

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