Need to check your criminal background?

If you’re applying for jobs or just generally worried about your record and what comes up. Apply to app companies like postmates and Uber. It’s free to apply to them and even if they take you on as a worker, you are under no obligation to work. And you will get a detailed report from the company checkr.

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  1. I had to get a background report in order to interview for a job. They wouldn’t consider interviewing me until I turned it in. I had a DUI 3rd offense on my record. I never had a 1st or 2nd DUI. I ended up calling SLED and they took care of it. Everyone should get a background check from time to time. This experience was a huge eye opener for me.

  2. Idk if I can rely on Chekr anymore. Applied for Uber, they came back and said I pled guilty to a reckless driving charge from 2009 (I did not), and that it was a felony (it was not).

    I tried emailing them to no avail. Uber denied my application.

  3. A few FYIs:

    Background checks are divided into two categories – official and unofficial background checks. What you’re talking about here are unofficial checks.

    When you get fingerprinted, that’s usually for an official background check and is usually run by a state agency.

    Unofficial background checks are run by credit reporting agencies. CRAs are regulated by the fair credit reporting act (the same law that regulates credit reports), so the same rules apply. You must consent to have your background checked; you have the right to know if your background is the reason you were denied a job (but you have to ask); you are entitled to a copy of the report; and you have the right to dispute any inaccuracies.

    *Both unofficial and official background have a 30-40% error rate.*

    So, OP has good advice. Check yourself.

    This stuff is part of my job, so feel free to ask questions.

  4. In Pennsylvania, Its pretty easy to check anyone’s record online with a name. Pa also has an Android(assume Apple also) app for criminal Hx also. The ladies at my wife’s job are well versed in it’s use. In community college I needed a state criminal history check for Telecommunications classes. I believe I paid $10 or $20 for a non-certified copy I printed and provided to the school myself. It had state crest/seal. Extra $$ for a certified copy to be sent directly.

  5. No need for that, just ask for your own report. You can either look at your official record through your state courts, either at the courthouse or through an attorney — a public defender’s office may be willing to help. Or you can contact private data brokers. This data can be out of date, but it’s what employers and landlords see. And just because you’re clear with one doesn’t mean you are with all of them. [Here are private data brokers]( that let you look at your file for free.

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