Hi All,

Almost half a year ago I started a thread here asking what investors and traders would like to see in a investment related app. After much development and delay, I am glad to release Investr into Open Beta, and invite all interested parties to take a look.

The concept was simple: to create a portfolio manager that scales in its capabilities with its user. To that end, Investr features a comprehensive set of tools:

* Stock entry: enter your tickers to create your portfolio or add to it at any time, with current price being displayed.

* Permanent tracking: all entered tickers are displayed in a refreshable list

* News viewer: Highlight a ticker to see the latest news developments in its area. Using a free API here, quality is only mediocre.

* Graphing capability: View the performance of your stock over any period of time.

* Technical indicators: Plot technical indicators based on your current data-sets. TIs supported: SMAs, EMAs, MACDs, RSIs, ADXs, Boillinger bands, MFVs.

To opt in, simply click the link below (Android 4+ only)


There should be a feedback mechanism in that link, but I will also check this thread. All feedback is welcome.

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