Peeks is an e-commerce based live streaming platform that allows users to interact and transact in real time with real cash. Different from it’s competitors because it does not use virtual gifts/money, but REAL currency. No third party payment processing.

US ticker is KEEKF
Canadian ticker is PEEK.V

Peeks Social (TSXV:PEEK) is an opportunity for risk-tolerant investors to get into a monetized social media play at an early-stage valuation of around $100 million. PEEK owns 30% of Peeks Social while Mark Itwaru’s private holding company Personas owns the other 70%.

As it has transitioned from Keek into Peeks it is already earning substantial revenue through the tipping mechanism. Further features like the offer box promise to make Peeks Social into a leading driver of the social commerce movement.

As this is a startup it is risky in nature and investors should do their own due diligence in determining if PEEK is a suitable investment for them.

It just launched in the beginning of November and has been on an absolute tear growing organically.

-Already ranked #14 in top grossing social apps in the Play Store as of April 17th (as per rankings)

This next bit are all the reasons why I believe this stock/app will be successful and explode to the upside:

-The CEO Mark has put $19 million dollars of his own money into this. It’s his baby. Additionally, he holds approximately 25 million shares, and SEDAR proves that he has not sold a single one even when we were $2+

-The monetization system (tipping directly within the app with no third party involvement) is patented and owned by the CEO. This is the main disruptive difference between Peeks Social and any other social media platform out there. An ability to monetize the userbase without advertising.

-Peeks rakes in certain percentages of all tips as well as percentages of all crowdfunds and Pay To Watch streams.

-One of the other main disruptive features of the app, the Offer Box, was just launched this week and will gain traction in the coming days and will bring it tonnes of revenue for the company.

-Newly added crowdfund feature has been an absolute hit, with over $5 million worth of campaigns in the first week. Again, Peeks takes a percentage of all tips here.

-Scott Disick (20million Instagram followers and ties to the Kardashians) has just been welcomed to Peeks and will be doing his first live stream in the coming days.

-Just today (4/19/17), Peeks announced that former Vine stars Jerry Purpdrank and Daniel ‘Nampaikid’ Nguyen will be joining the Peeks platform. They have over 10+ million fans.

-It is rumoured that a lot of A-List celebrities are already on board and will be welcomed onto the app in the coming weeks.

-Peeks has recently completed a Private Placement to raise cash, presumably for the payment of A-list celebs. Official news releases state that up to $5,400,000 was raised.

-CEO himself has said that Peeks Social will be the lead sponsor for Caribana Toronto 2017. (not confirmed in official release yet)

-Peeks has deals already with National Geographic, Warner Bros, Namaste

-Namaste just released record earnings and record sales.

-Namaste will be selling its products through Peeks’ Offer Box

-Jim Westlake was just named to the Peeks BoD.
He was previously the HEAD of RBCs international banking and insurance operations. Jim has particular expertise in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic growth, and organizational structuring.

-Stock options were given to Peeks employees by the CEO Mark, at a price of $2. This was when the stock was trading at about $1.60.

-Peeks has been selected for inclusion in the 2017 TSX Venture 50, a ranking of the top performers on the TSX Venture Exchange
-has been named the #1 company overall in the Technology sector in the Venture 50

-App Annie and Alexa rankings for Peeks Social, have been climbing exponentially since the launch of the app, and all organically. There has not been any marketing or promotion done.

-PMBC has been hired as Peeks’ marketing and promotional group. They are based in LA and have ties to many celebrities including the Kardashians. Again, as far as we know, they have not done any kind of marketing yet.

-The app is only 6 months old, essentially still in beta testing.
-Desktop version for livestreaming is in the works and expected in the near future.

-It has been making revenue since the day it launced, amazing for a startup.

-Most current ARPU (average revenue per user) numbers show a major upside to those of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

-The most recent financials report wasn’t amazing, but it definitely looked promising for future quarters, especially when we get a decent user base. It showed proof of concept thats for sure!

-Keek, the first version of the app that DID NOT have the montization process yet (tipping, entry fees for streams etc.) once had Kim Kardashian on board and over 75 million users. These users could not be monetized and the price to keep celebrities on board was way too expensive and almost bankrupt the company. Imagine 75 million users today, with the processes we have in place? (and the offer box)

-The CEO was different back then. Mark stepped in to save, and make the app 1000% times better which so far he has done.

-The CEO is a very smart man, he sold his first tech company for $300 million dollars.

-The CEO has stated that “this is just the beginning” of the app and there are many more good things to come.

-With a current market cap of only $60 million, comparing to Snapchats $25 billion, which is losing money at an incredible rate with no ability to monetize it’s user base, show’s the upside potential of Peeks.

-Download the app yourself and try to envision the potential this could have once the user base grows and money starts pouring in. It will be a wealth creation you only get once in a lifetime in my opinion.

This app is currently flying under the radar. Once this thing goes viral, I believe it will up go hundreds if not thousands of percent. This is why I am all in on this investment!

What do you folks think?

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