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2017 Upgraded Fidget Spinner Butterfly Fish Shaped Rainbow Hand Spinner Stress Reducer Focus Fidget Toy Perfect for Killing Time

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  • Great for anxiety, ADHD, autism, quit smoking, staying awake on long travel, etc. Perfect toy for killing boring time

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About Fidget Spinner
With you every single day (EDC).They come in various sizes and are made from several different materials.
With a fidget spinner, you will be able to curb unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. Instead of fidgeting around with your finger nails you can simply grab the fidget spinner and play with it. Many people have successfully curbed unwanted habits using fidget toys.

  • The inner (spinning) bearing is an upgraded Stainless steel bearing that allows for much longer spinning times
  • Novel appearance: Super cool spinner Titanium Alloy build, we call it “sickle”, Does not hurt the hand, high-speed rotation.
  • Small enough to carry in your pocket every day, simple, discrete and fun to play everywhere, effective for focus and deep thought
  • Use our Fidget Spinner Toy to help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing. And also help to increase focus and attention.

How to use it:
Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin. These are perfect products for people focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake and so on

Package Included:
1x Fidget Spinner