Rawson Lake, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada[OC][4097×2969]

Rawson Lake, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada[OC][4097×2969]

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  1. Nice shot OP. I live in the area and get very excited when I see pictures of Kananaskis on this sub

    Did you go through Waterton as well? I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time in this spot of the earth.

  2. I did the hike up to Rawson a few years back on a fishing trip with a few buddies. It was a hell of a hike with our packs (bellyboats, beers and all the other gear), which probably weighed about 50-60lbs, but it was sooooo worth it once we actually got up there and got to see this view all day. The fishing was epic as well. Non-stop cutthroat trout.

  3. Can anyone explain how the water is so clear in lakes like this? Is it related to limestone, or something else entirely? Lakes where I live are usually muddy and uninviting.

  4. Hiked up to this lake with my Grandfather a few years back. One of our last trips together, but definitely one of my favourites. It wasn’t as sunny as this, it was raining slightly with grey clouds overhead. I remember sitting on a log over the lake listening to the sound of the raindrops hitting the water… and that was it. The picture can’t illustrate the beauty of the silence here. Complete serenity.

  5. This is an orgasm in visual form. I don’t think I’ve seen better on this sub..

    When i say better I mean something that looks CG but it’d not.

    Also better, as in gives me a hard on…….. Like rock hard…..

  6. So many memories here. Climbed all around the lake and nearly drowned in it too—it’s ice cold all year round as the lake is way up on a mountain. Lovely shot. Really does it justice.

  7. I’ve done this hike a few times and it’s just as awe inspiring in real life. Great picture! The hike up the ridge in the top right has an incredible view as well overlooking Rawson Lake on one side and Upper Kananaskis Lake on the other.

  8. Sweet Jesus. I have been here so many times I’ve lost count, and this is the only picture I’ve ever seen that truly captured how sublime and majestic this place truly is. Thank you for sharing. Please, tell me about what it was like that day.

  9. What happened?
    I think that photo hypnotized me…
    I’ve been sitting here for almost 45 min. reading all the comments…I mean all the comments!
    Actually, I just realized, i’ve been completely motionless since I looked at that photo.
    I don’t even know why I was reading the comments.
    I need to get out of LA…
    maybe I’ll ride my beach cruiser to Alberta to get some fresh air…
    or maybe I’ll take my skater… i’m sure there’s a few empty pools I could drop into on the way.
    Is it 4:20 yet?

  10. My fam and I hiked to this lake back in the early 80’s when it was still called Kananaskis Provincial Park and it IS this beautiful. Pretty tough hike. We were always into fishing. Dipped our rods in and, no word of a lie, we’d have a bite on every cast. Reeled in all of Rainbows we wanted that day. It was the most sublime fishing experience ever. Next day we find out that Rawson was being used as a high altitude stocked lake for research — No Fishing Permitted! Oops. We still chat about this awesome mistake as a family.

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