Recently started getting into aerial photography – Old Harry Rocks, England. [3276 × 4095] [OC]

Recently started getting into aerial photography – Old Harry Rocks, England. [3276 × 4095] [OC]

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  1. For my birthday this year I treated myself to a day of adventure. Drove down to the Dorset coast to check out a couple of photo spots I’ve wanted to visit for some time including this one at Old Harry Rocks. This is a vertical panorama using 4 individual shots taken using my DJI Mavic Air, merged & edited in Lightroom.

    I’ve recently delved into the world of drone photography – if you’re interested in seeing more of my content feel free to [find me on Instagram.](

  2. The difference in the waves on either side of the rocks is amazing, really nice work OP. If possible I’d love to see some footage of a drone flying out of a cave towards the ocean!

  3. This is an amazing shot. I too recently picked up aerial photography with a DJI Mavic.

    I’m still figuring out how best to take pictures with mine. I also don’t live close to anything with such majestic quality. I’m a learning lol.

    Luckily flying this thing is easy as cake. Coming from flying model helicopters, this is a breeze. Helicopters are such a pain to learn to fly, but the reward can be great lol.

    I love this picture OP. Such a great view.

  4. Beautiful photo but you can see Old Harry’s Rocks anytime he’s walking around the locker room nude at the gym. It was very difficult to find Old Harry in this massive photo. Please consider using a red circle of an arrow.. I’m still searching.

  5. As one of millions of ex-GCSE geography students, I’m willing to share my knowledge on the formation mechanism of those rocks because I resent having being taught this incredibly useless information.

  6. This is a petty criticism as its really cool shot, but I wish there was more space on the top left edge of the coast line to even it out with the right side a bit. I feel a little suffocated looking at it with its current crop. Great shot though and stitch.

  7. Absolutely beautiful scenery and a terrific photograph, however, I believe if I were to tell my wife we’re headed out for the day “to go see the Old Harry Rocks”, she’d roll her eyes at me and send me off to the nearest pub while she shops.

  8. Quadcopters have made the world produce much better content. I used to launch model rockets with a film camera as a kid. Expensive, and never got a good result. Now random bloggers are making professional content that is more interesting than most professional content ten years ago.

  9. In all seriousness, how were you able to fly in this area? I was just looking to do some filming in a similar area, and was explicitly told ‘no’, that I could not fly *at all*, permit or otherwise.

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