People of Reddit, I invest regularly, but in this case, a friend gave me $1k USD and told me to have fun. So I want to invest it based solely on input from you all!

Here is how it will work. I will give the thread an initial 24 hours for everyone to put in their recommendations. (Include how much of the $1,000 and stock ticket name) I will take the top rated choices and invest. I’ll keep the post updated with how the money is doing at least weekly (most of the time daily) and together we will make it grow (or bankrupt in a few days!)

So I am going with the top comments. and I will put half into YECO and half into NAkD. Sorry I was waiting for the money to transfer to the new broker account I set up for this, so it would be easier to track and not get involved with my other dealings! I don’t know how to add screenshots to this (I’m new at Reddit) so I’ll give updates ever 2-3 days and I’ll take new suggestions still! By 18 Mar I’ll switch to a new stock if something else becomes the top suggestion! Thanks for playing Stay tuned for more!

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