(Request) Clogged shower drain

Our shower drain was running slow, which happens every so often. Usually we pull the hair out, the flow gets better and we move on. Well… there wasn’t much hair to pull out and the blockage seemed to go from running slow to full blockage overnight. It takes 90+ minutes to drain a couple inches of water. I’ve heard that Liquid Plumber is bad to use… Any other suggestions?

We have a drain like this https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/attachments/plumbing/9212d1213228332-how-do-remove-pop-up-shower-drain-drain.jpg

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  1. Tha has worked for me… Unscrew the cover of the over-fill hole. Fill the tub with a bit of water. Plunge the tub while holding a wet rag over the over-fill hole. It was a 2-person job when I needed to unclog my bathtub.

  2. What do you normally use to pull hair clogs? If you just do it by hand or with a pair of pliers, I recommend getting one of those plastic pull through tools that are made just for the job. Chances are it’s still a hair clog but it’s too deep to get by hand.

    If that doesn’t work, get an auger. Augers are awesome.

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