Request: Ideas to repurpose a cheap rail style shoe rack?

Request: Ideas to repurpose a cheap rail style shoe rack?

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  1. I kinda hate this thing as a shoe rack but it’s in good condition so I don’t want to toss it. Also don’t want to pass on the nightmare that is this shoe rack. Any ideas on how to repurpose this thing.

    ALSO: it is expandable

  2. Maybe a clothes drying rack? Like find a way to hang it above your dryer using brackets.
    I’d probably re-drill the rods to the corners and make a firewood rack, because I need one of those.

  3. Use is only limited by your needs and creativity. Sure you could hang stuff from it as is, but clean it thoroughly first. You could stand it on end and use it to hole a kitchen garbage bag. Shelves could be added and fastened to the bars in various ways(screws,clamps,zip-ties). The bars and ends could be re-purposed in other ways. Sometimes I disassemble things and save the pieces for projects. It appears the bars have flattened ends. One end can be bent and used in the wall, while the other can stick up at a 45 degree angle and attach to a shelf.
    I’d store it if you have room or part it out now and save the pieces.

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