[request] Legit way to remove cloudy/hazy headlights?

I’ve seen a million ways on youtube and few of them have any consensus.

Is there a safe, relatively inexpensive and easy way to remove the haze?

Or am I better off just buying a commercial product?

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  1. Buffer and good cutting paste. The stuff they use for buffing oxidized paint off at the body shop. The haze is oxidized plastic, once that’s gone if there’s a little cloudiness left you can clear coat the lens and it’ll stay clear.

  2. The haze is due to microcracks on the surface of the plastic of your headlights. UV will degrade the surface and cause it to crack, so there’s usually a coating put onto the plastic, but it will wear off over time, and the plastic will take on a hazy appearance.

    I personally have found that a heavy layer of basic rattlecan clearcoat will fill the cracks and protect the plastic nicely.

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