r/StockMarket Weekly Stock Picking Challenge for the Week of (2/20-2/24) is now OPEN for PICKS! ***RATIONALE REQUIRED!!***

r/StockMarket Weekly Stock Picking Challenge for the Week of (2/20-2/24) is now OPEN for PICKS! ***RATIONALE REQUIRED!!***

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  1. TSX:IVN, long – This company has been on an absolute tear recently. Their mine in development in the DRC is looking like it may be the greatest copper mine of all time. Buy and price target updates from Canadian banks, recently BMO, and positive trends in copper and zinc prices mean that this stock will explode on any news.

    NYSE:CPG, long – This is one of those producers that really needs oil above 50$, and that’s looking like it will be a safe bet for the foreseeable future. There’s been a downtrend recently on no news despite oil entering a very profitable range. Short term, there’s going to be a nice correction. In the past fews days the stock’s been rising slightly even on bad days for oil, which suggests to me that it’s looking to break out.

  2. * $CIM Long

    They’re killing it in earnings, raised the dividend, and shouldn’t start to go down until the Fed actually starts raising rates.

    * $GNC Short

    They’re complete shit, flopped on earnings, and erased their dividend completely. I smell blood.

  3. NYSE: UAA – Long

    Large dip due to decline in sales volume, but revenue has continued to increase. People are worried about low growth in NA sales, lowest since 2009; however, international sales have increased by 55% and will continue to increase. As management continues to position itself as an international brand it will only increase.

    Nasdaq: GEVO – Short

    Terrible management, even after regulatory approval on their new biofuel stock cannot seem to stay afloat. Terrible metrics, high debt to equity ratio.

  4. Just a quick heads up in here but I have just unpinned our current week’s weekly challenge thread to make room for this new thread here, so if any of you guys are looking around for this week’s thread-

    > **[CLICK HERE!](https://www.reddit.com/r/StockMarket/comments/5ts1gu/this_weeks_rstockmarket_weekly_stock_picking/)**

    You guys will notice that I am getting an extremely early start to next week’s challenge thread. I’m putting this up a few days early here this way it gives everyone a chance to at least see this thread and chime in with their picks before the weekend. Usually I have this thread up on Saturday, and it ends up that not many people submit picks simply because most don’t check in to reddit on the weekend. So, to sort of remedy that issue I’m going to try putting this up a day or two earlier. We’ll see if that in fact improves the participation in here.

    And lastly, if anyone is ever looking around for our complete 2017 r/StockMarket weekly stock picking challenge history-

    > **[CLICK HERE!](http://www.stockaholics.net/threads/r-stockmarket-2017-weekly-stock-picking-challenge-winners.3944/)**

    That link there will have posted all of our past weekly challenges in 2017 which will include the link to the contest spreadsheet, the link to the contest thread, and the winner and their winning picks for that respective week as well as the overall leaderboard in 2017.

    Looking forward to seeing some good picks posted in here from r/StockMarket once again for next week! 🙂

  5. PI – Long. Had a good ER but still corrected, great buying opp, I don’t think it’ll break 32

    AMZN – long. Have I said it enough? It’s the next Buy-N-Large! No TA here, just a good long-term bet: e-comm, brick&mortar, fulfillment, and holy crap AWS

  6. Short Macy’s $M. I expect earnings to be disappointing on Tuesday with the decline of brick and mortar retailers as a whole, combined with Macy’s property sell off and managements refusal to adapt

    Long Remax. $RMAX. Expecting great results on their earnings report after establishing themselves as the dominant online presence for real estate

  7. **NRG** – Long; continued activist involvement in the board and future direction should continue to increase stock interest ahead of the next earnings

    **GOOG** – Long; the post-earnings drop was oversold and the steady growth climb recovery will continue this week.

  8. $EVOK – short

    Big offering this coming week. Shares going to slump I believe

    $WLL – Long

    Earnings 2/21. First earnings post debt restructuring so if they post good earnings thus will be a big mover up.

    Edit: forgot to double space between stuff no biggie

  9. Tsla – short, er time, stock hit record high, still burning through cash for the new factory with no high increase in income.

    Fit – short, the wearable department seems to die off slowly the sales have drop

  10. AMD Long – Lots of leaks of their upcoming CPUs came out post market close so I see this stock rising through the week.

    NVDA Long – Rumors of GTX 1080 TI. Graph is bullish and bound to go upward before feb 28th in which nvidia and amd will both show off their new product benchmarks.

  11. INTC Short – Stock is going to dip as more information on AMD’s Ryzen pricing/performance keeps rolling in. This is bad news for Intel.

    NVDA Long – Should rally back up this week with GDC around the corner expect this stock to recover some losses from last week.

  12. BA- Long: I was going to go with NVDA, but I’ll take a gamble here. Boeing got a big shout out from Trump on Friday about a “big order” of F-18s coming. Should help a stock that is already on the rise.

    JNUG- Long: I know JNUG is the “easy way out”, but I’m expecting some unstable news this week with the new Trump Travel Ban.

  13. Do any of you guys who are participating on these weekly challenges have any ideas/suggestions at all for us to get a better participation out of these weekly challenges? We’ve been averaging around roughly 10 participants per week here which admittedly is quite low. We really should be aiming for 30+ if not more … But I’m really not sure how we could go about spreading the word about this challenge… Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    Seems like this thread gets viewed but people are reluctant to post in it for whatever reason. Weird.

    I hate to say it but I gotta be 100% honest here — sometimes I do feel like it’s a wasted effort running this for just a handful of people. Wish we could get more participants in here…….

  14. AMD – long, all aboard the hype train, but I think the release of 3 lines of products after much R&D will push AMD back to its old glory days

    CHK – long, very cheap stock with potential upside, natural gas is/will be an important driver

  15. Nasdaq: SWKS – Short

    This iphone 8 speculation is out of hand, it will come back down I think.

    Nasdaq: NVDA – Long

    Nvidia has had a blow out quarter, Revenue increased by 55%, Datacenter revenue up 205%, Net income grew 216%, Returned over $1 billion to shareholders.

  16. FCX Short : Weekly forming bearish divergence. Daily is oversold, but has limited upside at the moment. Note: The whole copper industry looks precarious for the next few months.

    ABMD Long : Broke weekly long term down trend. Daily is moving into overbought territory, which could remain there for a while.

  17. $THC – Long because report of positive earnings coming out this monday. Also I gave up on it and stocks seems to always go up after I sell it off. Lol
    $BAC – Long because deregulation is coming soon and the financial sector is going to blow up.

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