Seoraksan, South Korea. [OC](7952 × 5304)

Seoraksan, South Korea. [OC](7952 × 5304)

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  1. There are two peaks to climb up in Seoraksan park, there’s one with a cable car route and then a lesser known one which is this one, which to me was way better than the cable car view.
    This view, however, you have to work for. It’s at the top of a 900+ step staircase. There were constant warnings of how many people suffer heart attacks on the staircase as well.
    But, this view was right up there with the best sights that I’ve seen. There was still some ice and snow left over from the winter at the top of the waterfall too. It was just so awesome.
    Not landscape, but more of my photos from South Korea where I currently live are here:

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