I see a lot of people asking how they should get started and it seems a lot of people in this community like robinhood because of its low commission fees (which I believe are none?), but why doesn’t anyone ever suggest stash? With stash you have no commission payments and it only costs 1 dollar a month until you hit 5k. When people asking how they should get started why not get started with stash, which has no minimum, grow your funds in ETF’s until you get 5k+ saved up (including adding how ever much extra you can each week), learn about the stock market, and then take your money to a real broker?

I feel like I see very little answers to beginners and or people with little starting capital getting told to use an app like stash, is there something wrong with the app and should be stayed away from?

I guess I’m asking because I have little (under 1k) to get started so I started a stash account and am adding to it every week and when I get close to 5k I will go to a real broker, unless there is a reason I should get my money out of the app now?

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