I’m in the process of selling off a lot of my stocks, because I’m really concerned that we’re at an inflection point and might be headed for a crash — the market is super overvalued, earnings were bad, employment numbers were bad, and the political environment is causing way too much volatility. (Got a good run from optimism around the Trump election, but took a big shock when Trump seems unable to pass health care. I’m nervous that the French election next week could cause another big shock, and I’m also nervous that we may be headed into a U.S. government shutdown at the end of April, followed by a possible crisis of confidence akin to what happened in mid-2011 — or worse.)

So I’m going to cash and bonds, except for a couple stocks that I’ll keep — Lockheed (I think they’re recession-proof with the current international crises), Tesla (my stake is a very small part of my overall holdings and purely speculative, and I think this one may also just defy normal rules as it has for years), and my oil picks (that I bought at the bottom when the price per barrel hit $27).

I also feel good about taking a little tax hit this year because of other circumstances.

This is the biggest sell-off I’ve ever done. I haven’t executed all the trades yet. Before I go through with this — Am I being too hasty here?

Please critique my plans.

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