Surviving a drowning

Surviving a drowning

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  1. I assume I’m missing something on the last one – if you’re floating on your back why would you go the effort of rotating to breath out under water only to have to rotate back to breath in again?

  2. Why wouldn’t you just float on your back on the last one? what’s the point of rolling around?

    Also: If you’re fat enough you can float vertically, so everyone just get really fat and you’ll never have to worry about drowning. If anyone asks why you put on so much weight, just laugh and say global warming preparation.

  3. I almost drowned as a kid doing that first one and I wasn’t even restrained.

    I was trying to figure out how to dive faster to the bottom of a 12ft public swimming pool. I thought if I emptied my lungs I might sink faster. It worked. However I couldn’t swim back up. I jumped. I tried. And I kept sinking back down. I couldn’t even reach the end of the ladder.

    Eventually adrenaline kicked in and I was able to get my finger wrapped around the bottom of the ladder and climb out. But a good jump will not propel you to the surface of deep water. Not even close.

    It’s a sure fire way to drown yourself.

  4. Exact that, unless you were trained for several hours and more hours on top of that one would simply freakout/intake too much water if they were thrown into a body of water with their hands and feet bound. Also… was this guide to survive implying you were thrown into a swimming pool?

  5. A lot of Marines and Sailors practice these techniques when preparing for Marsoc/BUDs training, or any water relevant training I suppose. I can’t count how many times I went to the pool on base and saw some dude in the deep end bobbing for like an hour strait with his arms and legs tied.

  6. I mean, if someone bound your hands and tossed you in water, I dont think a lifehack is going to stop them from killing you.

    Can we get a lifehack for not getting our hands bound and tossed into water?

  7. This is very useful information. I’d like to reiterate/add a few points.
    1: never try this unsupervised. Even when not restrained. Shallow water blackouts will kill you.
    2: supervised means one person who is not trying the exercise and actively watching the person practicing.
    3: you have to be able to relax. I am one of the muscle dense. Actively relaxing the muscles makes a big difference. It will also let you hold your breath longer.
    4: salt water is easier to float in that fresh water/ pools. But it does suck going up for that breath and getting a wave in the face.
    5: and most importantly. Never do this with out supervision!

  8. Friendly reminder that books like this are invented by marketing people and then jobbed out to illustrators with zero background in this sort of thing. We go to a library, skim a couple 1940s era government manuals, and ignore everything that can’t be expressed in 3 panels.

    Source: contributor to xmas-stocking-friendly survival manual.

  9. Keep in mind this comes from that book someone posted awhile back that has a page about filling a cigar tube with escape/survival gear to shove up your ass. Which im sure is totally reasonable.

  10. Directions say never practice alone. DUH. Who will tie your hands if you are alone?

    Bad things can happen. Getting tied up or getting way behind in a football game are two such things. Don’t let it get to the forth quarter while behind. Don’t let someone tie your hands. Always go ballistic before these thing happen. Nobody survives a drowning.
    PS>This advertised trick won’t work with bricks tied to your feet or after being injured. Make the other guy have a bad day.

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