The beautiful Mount Baker Wilderness, Washington [OC] [3198 x 4000]

The beautiful Mount Baker Wilderness, Washington [OC] [3198 x 4000]

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  1. Taken last fall, overlooking Twin Lakes. Mount Baker isn’t pictured though I could see it from where I stood. This was a really wonderful trip, full of fall colors and huckleberries. It was my first time at Baker and got me immediately hooked. I thought Mount Baker was a National Park for the longest time, but it isn’t. Thankful to live in a state where such beauty is so common.

    If you decide to visit, there are lots of hikes of varying skill level here. A helpful resource to find them is the [Washington Trails Association]( Also, please make sure to pack out your trash and [Leave No Trace]( as well.. helps keep the state beautiful!

    If interested, I post my photography every day on Instagram, [@nathanielwise](

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