The Milky Way blazing over Lake Evelyn, New Zealand [1280×1024] [OC]

The Milky Way blazing over Lake Evelyn, New Zealand [1280×1024] [OC]

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  1. “Ascent” –

    I decided to make one of these, a 372 megapixel composite.
    I shot the ground just after sunrise as a 200mm pano, the sky is a tracked pano made with 24 x 1 minute exposures, 50mm Sigma Art, with the Canon 6D H.Alpha mod.
    [Spencer’s Camera & Photo]( did the mod, so happy.
    [Fornax Mounts]( Lightrack II tracker

    I woke up a little late for the foreground, it was a mad dash up a hill then a rush to set up the iPano head, once I got it started and shooting I left the gear on the hill and went back to the campsite for coffee, love automation!

    Composites aren’t really the direction I want to take my work, but I had a sky image from my first night out with the tracker from practicing, I didn’t want it to go to waste!

    Foreground: 5D4, 70-200 mk2 f2.8
    f7.1 / ISO200 / 1/500 / originally 112 shots but cropped 2/3 off

    Sky: 6D, 50mm Sigma Art
    f2.5 / ISO1250 / 60s

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