The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland [5994 x 2794][OC]

The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland [5994 x 2794][OC]

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  1. Just back from there myself, amazing scenery and the drop from where that pic is taken from is quite…scary. I have a lot of pics from that hike including standing right beside storr – would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Skye is amazing, and I don’t wanna sound like a prick, but how does the same photo (or an OC variant of) get posted and upvoted on here so often? I swear I see it almost once a month

  3. I have a few days in Ft. William in Scotland this September, is it reasonable to plan a day trip to Skye and do kind of a loop around the island? I only have three days in northern Scotland before I have to head back to Edinburgh with the rental car.

  4. That is such a beautiful view. I was in Scotland for a few days a decade ago and saw some really nice views by the ocean east of Edinburgh, North Berwick I think it’s called. Nothing like this though.

  5. was rainy and foggy and windy, I couldn’t see shit, and now I discover that I should have been able to see it from halfway up the path?

    The only thing I saw on that island was neist point, because I could get right in front of it.

  6. Always wanna go to high land of Scotland, but it’s hard to get there without cars. Gonna leave Scotland in three months, hopefully could find some way to travel there once

  7. I was there yesterday, it was windy like I’ve never seen before, I weight 105Kg and the wind was pushing me. It was also raining and it felt like needles. We were with or three year old girl. We still managed to get to the last barrier under the rock, but it was to dangerous to go further, especially with the kid. It was still beautiful though, just like the rest of the island.

  8. Everyone always goes apeshit about New Zealand and whatnot, but I’m telling you, Scotland is where it’s at too. The castles are beautiful, too. Maybe it’s just my preference, but Scotland is one of my favorites when it comes to the land and ruins.

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