The Watchman [OC] [4000×6016]

The Watchman [OC] [4000×6016]

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  1. The Watchman is one of Zion National Parks most recognized feature. It sits prominently above the South Entrance Park Headquarters, the Watchman Campground and the town of Springdale, Utah. As part of a jagged ridge line that runs on the East side of the Zion Valley, it guards the southern portion of this ridge. The most famous and recognizable shot of this giant rock buttress is usually taken from the north near the Watchman Campground.

  2. Gives me a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn vibes, especially in regard to its similarity to the Carja Sundom, given that that region is based off where the picture was taken.

  3. So many people are coming in here like “wow this looks like it could be from a video game.” There’s something kind of sad about that. You assholes need to get outside once in a while.

    Edit: I’m a seasoned, experienced outdoorsman.

  4. The fly fisherman immediately looked at the river. Man I would fish that pocket water all day. The seam next to the boulder by the tree is especially tasty.

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