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Decided to actually use the officially Reddit account I made years ago when our group launched!

Over the weekend the Surge Traders team will be doing our weekly newsletter’s market update ( previous one here: https://vimeo.com/220238016 )

We also do a Watchlist including support/resistances, PTs, and suggested stop losses before every market day for our members and allow them to suggest tickers. This weekend we decided to combine the two but extend this invitation to Reddit.

So here’s our offer, leave your tickers below (1 comment per ticker, each person can comment multiple times) and state if you’re looking for a day trade, swing trade, or long term. We’ll pick a number of the most upvoted ones and perform our Technical Analysis on video for you to follow along. We’ll post it over the weekend before Monday so you’ll have plenty of time to review and ask questions!

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