Use a slinky to stop squirrels from eating bird seed [x-post /r/gifs]

Use a slinky to stop squirrels from eating bird seed [x-post /r/gifs]

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  1. I’ve actually tried that before. It worked for about two weeks. The only thing that stopped them was a torpedo baffle. Plus, my dog would corner the little nuisances inside the baffle and lose her mind and it was great.

  2. But then your bird feeder turns into a sleazy squirrel dive. Squirrels there to all hours of the night making noise, doing drugs, hitting the slinky again.. Plus they keep away all of the responsible well to do birds.

  3. Give squirrels a week and they will turn that Slinky into a trebuchet. Unless your house is greater than 300 meters away from this feeder, you can expect 90kg projectiles to rain down upon it.

  4. If this actually works on all squirrels… So many people have tried to come up with squirrel-proof bird feeders, and to think all this time all you needed was a slinky.

  5. Squirrels are better for your yard/area than birds. Birds only make mess and spread disease. Crows kinda clean up messes, but also spread existing mess out too. Seagulls are the worst. Birds are also noisy and annoying as fuck, especially when squabbling over food.

    Feed squirrels not birds.

  6. Only true life hack I have found to keep squirrels out of my house and bird feeders is to kill on sight. I tried trapping humanely, i tried all kinds of tricks like this….they just work around it AND they can literally destroy anything they set their minds to getting into. They are usually too smart for humane traps. I baited mine with apple slices covered in peanut butter and rolled in bird seed….wouldn’t touch it.

    After the traps failed I went with a full auto air soft rifle (less than lethal but painful). Shot one squirrel maybe 50 times running him out of my yard…10 minutes later he was back. Then got my pellet rifle out …aimed for his tail (so as not to kill) and winged him (literally drew blood)…30 minutes later he was back… I tried every method possible over the course of 4 weeks to make them go away….so I now kill on site.

    Did some reading and it seems that squirrels are a lot like salmon and other animals. They come back to where they were born to have a family and raise them. They a genetically imprinted to return. Even trapping them is no grantee unless you drive them miles from your home and drop them off. I don’t like killing things at all but they were to smart for the traps and they were living in my attic and tearing up my soffets and insulation and keeping me up all night running around in my attic. I literally killed 16 of them in my attic over a 2 month period and then even if I saw one in my yard I’d kill it on sight. After about 6 months I got them all around my house and ended my attic issues.

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