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Very interesting

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  1. Been wearing Band-aids for over 50 years, and have always worn them the first way. I’ve never had a problem with them coming off.

    This is nothing more than propaganda to sell more scissors.

  2. Just because it works, does not mean it’s the right way. If you have to cut it with scissors, it obviously wasn’t designed to be used like that. Get different band-aids, they have ones designed for use on fingers.

  3. I think the real tip here is that most adhesive bandages are made to be cut without the adhesive gumming up scissors, so if you don’t have the right kind you could potentially make it fit better. But yeah, as pointed out, you could also just have a better supply of bandages.

  4. If I cut my finger or fingers at work I just wrap tissue then tape up until bleeding stops then take off and get on with it!! Band aids are for Pussys!!!

  5. In defense of this hack, it works really well in our elementary school. We can’t afford to buy knuckle and fingertip Band-Aids; as it is, we go through more than 3,000 bandages every school year. By modifying bandaids, we save about $100 a year.

  6. This is a shit lifehack. Scissors are bacteria hoarders. Don’t cut your bandaids. Put them on properly instead of carefully laying it on top like he does just to show that he can pull it off.

    And while we’re at it, buy proper bandaids. Those are absolute shit.

  7. Cut my finger at a robotics competition. Couldn’t afford having the bandage come off because we were behind. Bandaid + Electrical tape. Faster and more secure. Plus I couldn’t cut that part of my hand again!

  8. Cutting the sticky part in that way doesn’t seem to be very beneficial. It seems like it is actually reducing the surface area of the sticky part, making it MORE likely to come off…

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