Went for a hike in Sasbachwalden, Germany (3024×4032) [OC]

Went for a hike in Sasbachwalden, Germany (3024×4032) [OC]

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  1. Maybe not super original but beautiful nonetheless. Shooting into the sun isn’t that easy so this came out really well.

    I spent two holidays in the Schwarzwald (one near Alpirsbach) and I’ve seen many gorgeous places like in your photo. It instantly made me want to pack my bags and go…

  2. Beautiful shot. I always love these kinds of photos that are rooted to place, meaning that there is something quintessentially “German Forest” about it (like the Pacific Northwest or the southwestern US).

  3. Pictures of hiking are so rarely as captivating as the real thing. This does more to convey the feel of being on the trail than any I’ve seen before. Congrats on an excellent shot!

  4. So I saw this therapist and we did this exercise about finding my happy place and I had to describe it. I also had to describe how I get to it and my visual of the path to the “happy place” looks just like this picture OP!

    I save alot of forest paths for use as backgrounds so I can see the path to my happy place in picture form. Really makes me cheerful everytime I look at them! So, thanks!!

  5. Its funny how often I hiked this exact path and now I see it on reddit.

    If you are there for holiday, be sure to check out the Mummelsee and try to get a table at the “Fischerhof” in Seebach, they have all you can eat Flammkuchen. Another interesting route to hike is the “Lotharpfad”, a path which was made in the part of the Black Forest that was destroyed by a huge storm a few years ago. It is fascinating to see how nature slowly rebuilds everything.

  6. At first I thought I was witnessing the worst misspelling of Saskatchewan that I’d ever seen, then I was wondering where the hell in the province you took this.

    I should have went to bed earlier…

  7. Great picture! Growing up and living in the black forest myself, there is always a mysterious yet beautiful atmosphere when you walk in the woods, especially at morning when the first rays of sunlight break through the fog.

  8. Oh man that looks like some really good moss on those rocks. All I can think is “I wonder what it smells like” when I see this picture. I’ve been all over the US, and forests smell WAY different depending on where you are. I’ve never smelled a european forest, though…

  9. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Slightly off-topic: I read the location too fast and thought you made a horrible misspelling of Saskatchewan. This planet has strange and frustrating place names

  10. Every time I see a picture like this, I think “that is where I was meant to be”. I think a side effect of growing up in a desert is loving the ever-living fuck out of the green stuff.

  11. Its a shame, not too far back in our recent past, those were killing grounds during war. I couldn’t imagine running though those woods to cause destruction and loss of life. Somehow nature and humanity are so divergent at times. When I go on hikes where I know battles during the revolutionary and civil wars occurred I cant help but think of the beauty of nature being destroyed by the selfishness of humans.

  12. If you go there, you should watch out for those damn teddy bears. You should be super cautios if you are wearing a stormtrooper armor. Lost Jerry when I went there with him.

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