What is your daily routine from when you wake up to when you go to sleep?

I’ve just begun life as an independent young adult and find myself procrastinating so much! I want to learn other people’s routines to see how they manage jobs, family, friends, hobbies, and staying fit, etc.

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  1. Hmm, I’m constantly telling myself to “do things with intention”.
    It’s easy for me to come home and drop my shit all over the place, make dinner, leave the mess for later, etc. But If I keep myself focused on my intentions, putting things away when I take them out and what not, I find everything is so much easier to keep clean.
    When my environment is clean I WANT to go out and be productive. I have time to do whatever I want in my spare time and can’t fall back on the excuse of needing to do house chores.

    Also, for quite a few years now I’ve been in the habit of immediately waking up, getting my coffee started, and doing 5-10 minutes of tidying up until my coffee is ready. If im going to be miserable while I wait for my coffee I might as well be productive, lol. Starting my days in a tidy house is refreshing and my key to productivity.

    Sorry all I could recommend is cleaning, it’s just what works for me!

  2. Wake up at 6am, have a 20 min morning bathroom sit, play Xbox until 715, go to work for the day, come home and have a shower, make supper, then play Xbox until 930 – 10 o’clock area. Go to bed and start trying to fall asleep (phone off and eyes closed) by 1030.

    If I go to bed 20 mins sooner I will have a much easier wake up in the morning but I use bathroom time to allow my brain to wake up somewhat.

    I’m the other end of the spectrum of people saying stay positive and be proactive about your goals. If you find something that works just enjoy it while you can because you won’t always get the chance to as you age.

    If my friends want to hang out they come over or we go do stuff but most everyone’s job schedules are different so about one day a week for an hour or two each person visits in some way. We try to make that work so we still maintain our sanity

  3. I have a very loose routine that focuses more on the morning.

    I try to wake up at 4am, but sometimes sleep until 5 depending on when I get to bed and at which time I start work (8:30 M-W, 10:30 Thursday, 9:30 Friday).

    I brush my teeth, then have a coffee and a light “first breakfast” consisting of mostly fruit, mixed nuts and yogurt.

    I proceed to browse the Internet then/or play whichever PC game I’m into at the moment until it’s time to leave for work, which is anywhere from 7:00-9:45 day and weather depending.

    At some point (usually around 6-7) I’ll have a “second breafkast” consisting of a bowl of oatmeal.

    Work is work, and not much changes there. I usually get home around 3:30-4:30 with the exception of Thursdays, on which I only work two hours. I walk the dog around 4:30, take a shower and then spend the evening playing games on my PC. Dinner occurs at some point after 6, (family’s time, I’d prefer sooner), during which I continue playing games with one eye on whatever my wife is watching.

    Optimally, I’m in bed by 8, but sometimes not until 9-9:30.

    Changes to that routine are mostly just the addition of shopping for groceries on the way home from work.

    I go out to a restaurant once or twice a month with my wife and sometimes her very elderly grandparents.

    I only have one friend and he’s usually extremely busy, so I hang out with him maybe once every month or two. (I do have other friends, but I moved to the other side of the planet and can’t see them).

    On weekends and holidays I try to go for a 5-10km walk or longer bike ride if the weather is nice, but given that where I live gets the most snow out of any populated place in the world I don’t tend to get out much from January-March. Add in copious amounts of snow shoveling in the winter, but that isn’t really a planned routine thing so much as it is “fuck, three feet of snow since last night, better shovel” thing.

    My life is not in need of additional structuring, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also happy with my level of socializing, being both older and an introverted schizoid.

  4. Im a college undergrad trying to go to med school next year.
    Wake up 7am shower and clean up
    medidate for 5 mins (i’ve found this to be my optimal time)
    Practice MCat for about 30-45 minutes.
    breakfast then classes which usually start at 9AM till 3:00 PM (lunch and occasional tutoring sessions included)
    Get back to the room, more MCAT studying (usually a relentless fight with distractions and a shortened attention span)
    Usually take a 30 minute break to checkout anime or new manga (no TV or gaming system in my room)
    Dinner around 6:30 or 7pm
    Then back to studying (school related)
    9pm my brain is usually fried so I socialize eventhough i have greatly restricted social media use (no apps on my phone etc)
    Then i usually do more McAt work until.
    Then 15 push ups and cruches then sleep around 11:45pm (more like 12:30 due to distractions *cough cough* reddit)

    Note: this is on a good brain day.
    Discipline is more important than willpower but stress and anxiety are undefeated lol

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