What is your LIFEHACK for getting ready/morning routine?

Mine may seem super trivial but putting hair right in a towel to soak up instead of wringing it out – saves a ton of time by not creating extra tangles right after conditioning. Wish I did it sooner!
Need more hacks to make getting ready faster!!!!!

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  1. Get up when you wake up. Don’t stay there in bed. If it’s within an hour and a half of the planned wake up time just get up.

    Anther things we did in the navy was wake up, sit up and say “hell yeah!”

    Idk just starting the day with the right mind set

  2. Get a [Turbie Twist](https://www.amazon.com/Turbie-Twist-Microfiber-Towel-Light/dp/B00CP4QKT4) if you have long hair. Even shorter drying time!

    Set our your outfit for the day the night before. Also pack your bag and your lunch the night before if you bring it to work.

    If you’re really desperate to save time, brush your teeth in the shower while you’re waiting on your conditioner.

    Shower the night before–if you really don’t want to do that at least wash your hair the night before.

    Get a more powerful hair dryer that dries hair faster.

  3. For me it was learning how to turn a 45 min make up routine into a 10 min one.

    My trick ended up being no foundation (only concealer and powder for a quick contour) and getting a nice liquid liner for a quick (non wing) put together look!

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