I’ve been tracking my employer’s stock for as long as I’ve owned shares through our 401K. The last time it split (2-for-1) was in 2006, and as a result the share price went from the low 70s down to the mid 30s.

After that, it increased back up to the low 50s — then the recession hit and it dropped down to the low teens before trending back up again.

For the last several weeks now it’s been hovering in the mid-90s, and if the trends continue it’s going to break into triple digits by summer. Which makes me think we’re overdue for another split. (Which, comparing current prices to the last split, I’d expect 3-for-1 this time.)

I know that splits are more psychological benchmarks than anything else. But, entirely outside of the share price itself, what other aspects of the company’s stock should I be looking at to determine if a split is actually coming?

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