I’m working on an extensive arts and crafts project and am trying to be most efficient with my time. I need to cut multiple objects (think stars, circles, and maybe some fancier shapes, too) that are ~2″x2″ or 2″x3″ each. I was thinking of maybe printing out a bunch of stars (or maybe I just need to print one object per page which will be used as the tracer) on one page so that I have a consistent template to work with, but I want to ideally be able to fold each sheet as many times as possible to cut the shapes in stacks and minimize the amount of cutting overall. I don’t want to buy any materials (i.e., pre-cut shapes in stores) since I already have plenty of printer paper and a standard pair of decently sharp scissors to work with. I realize that if I try to stack too many layers together that the scissors won’t cut very well… so maybe 5-6 folds max? Is there a certain pattern or layout that I can implement that would be best to both optimize cutting time and paper space?

I hope that what I’m trying to explain is clear to you all. I really appreciate your input on this! Thanks in advance!

Also, if there’s a better sub for this sort of question, please let me know.

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