When is AMD a Buy?

The performance “issues” of the new Ryzen CPUs have been somewhat blown out of proportion as they are still more powerful per $, and really only take a back seat to Intel at lower resolution gaming.

The price has dropped big time for AMD. When would be the prime time to buy? Is it going to fall any lower?

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  1. After the drop yesterday and today. (most likely form people buying the hype and selling the release of ryzen, or simply cashing out their positions for big profits). I think its a pretty good time to buy, While Ryzen is great for AMD, its not what will make them money. Naples is the real gem here (Server version of Ryzen). With twice as many cores as intel, it will be a big winner in the datacenter market.

    AMD currently owns just 1% marketshare in the Datacenter. Naples should increase that a ton, which will be a massive boost in revenue. I see this getting close to $20 by the end of the year.

    Disclosure: I’m long AMD

  2. AMD is never a buy. This company will forever be playing second banana to Intel until the end of time. They are simply too far behind in engineering talent and manufacturing technology to ever catch up. If you are an A&E that specs out server designs, specifying AMD chips is a great way to put your reputation at risk. That pretty much says it all to me.

    Warren Buffett has always said that he would rather buy an excellent company at a fair price, then a fair company at an excellent price.

  3. I would argue that before Ryzens release AMD was hardly even a competitor with Intel, and yet they managed to go from $5 to $15 in just over 6 months. Now it’s @ $13 and they’ve never been in a better position to compete with Intel or other processor manufacturing companies. Anyone cashing out now IMO will be missing out on when AMD goes to $20 a share or more in the next few months.
    Disclosure: that’s why I’m long AMD and am even depositing more funds in my account to buy more. I think in the short term we will see $15 again over the next few weeks.

  4. When is AMD at buy oh about 8-9 months ago? I’d be hesitant to buy it here just because it’s had a 400-500% run up in the last 12 months and nothing goes up forever. It could double again but odds are people are going to start taking profits and downward pressure will increase.

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