so you’re on youtube and just going around. and you’re watching/listening to something and you’re looking at the sidebar and there’s lots of interesting things. but some are pretty long.

so i have a notepad file open and i copypaste links onto it. then i shamelessly plug a website i use often and have no affiliation with, because i’m big on mirroring videos that might get deleted if an ‘interesting person’ is involved, or it’s prone to copyright strikes, or whatever

and i use the cloudfile thing to grab copies of the videos in the sidebar. i like to have the youtube id in its filename. like for example, ‘[lmtya japanese rc8q-ILTrFc](’. i like very short filenames.

in the url field, you can type before copypasting in the youtube id.

and that’s why i have a ton of dumb .3gp files.

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