Where to invest?

I do not have a lot, but would like to put some money into stocks. My thought is a one time investment of $500-1000, and adding a little to it each week or month. I have little experience with investing, I had to cash out a few years ago. What I had was through work and was putting in a % each week from my paycheck. I remember selecting different categories from a booklet when I started it and could ask for specific stocks as well, it was all done for me after that. I now own my own business, and am not sure what I should use to make this simple yet not too costly (fees). Any help appreciated.

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  1. (I am not an intermediate to advanced investor). My company does not offer matching contributions, the 401k plans offered all had large fees, and my coworkers’ returns were around 2.5 %. SO, I branched out on my own. Scottrade Roth IRA, Acorns (silly but cool), and robinhood.
    As a business owner you can have your own “self 401k” In addition to a roth Ira and other electronic investment apps. **Build a diversified base** Don’t over-complicate it You will want dividends to be automatically reinvested and performance (etfs and Index funds generally outperform mutual funds).
    Purchase index funds from powershares, vanguard, powershares, or sp. They give you exposure to companies whose stock prices you could not afford. For instance, I like the Vanguard Industrials ETF (NYSEMKT:VIS), which gives me exposure toGeneral Electric, 3M, Boeing Co, Union Pacific Corporation, and Honeywell International.
    You want to be involved in both domestic and international for: large, medium, and small cap in different sectors (make decisions on growth &/or dividends &/or historical performance) AND also have some constant stable companies AND a few investment in bonds.
    **I personally, just roll with ETFS and Index funds **+** periodically look for at the list of “worst-performing stocks” for that day or week- and if I recognize the company, it has been in business for a long time and is a household name- i’ll look into why the price dropped and if it’s the cause of “feelings” or fear I’ll purchase it because, from my experience, its price will stabilize again. (i.e. Coke, Volkswagen, wells fargo, qorvo, walmart).
    Random beliefs: Intel is slowly diverting more r&d into automotive tech and phones (again, lol, better luck this time) so im very bullish in semiconductor manufacturing and chip makers in asia. Also pretty bullish on ever Foxconn company, with their new block-chain lending and inventory software- all suppliers and manufacturers will benfit with less lead time and visibility.

  2. This is a sub for hobbyist investors (investing their savings of $50k+ , and professionals (people who work in the finance industry). If you only have $1,000 you’d be best going to r/personalfinance or if you’re strong willed and looking to turn your $1k into $50kish, vist r/wallstreetbets.

    With only $500 to invest, your best option is to just use the money as savings and invest in yourself to advance your career to make more money, this would be your greatest return on your investment. You’d be wasting your time investing $500, as it is relatively a lot of money to you, and the return you’d see would be $20.

  3. You’d be better off over at /r/robinhood is my guess. Or you can skip that sub and I’ll give you their advice now: 1/4 $AUPH, 1/4 $CARA. 1/2 $AMD

  4. You don’t have much, so invest in an emergency account first. If shit hits the fan, you don’t want to be forced to liquidate your investments at an inopportune time or take out debt.

    6 months of savings!

    If that’s already done, to help make sure the recommendation is appropriate for you: how long it is until you need the cash?

    What sort of financial goals have you setup for yourself?

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